About us

Wyrd Leather and Mead is a local business to the Portland area. Our goal is to provide quality, handmade leather goods and delicious, home-brewed mead to our customers with 100% satisfaction.

Tayler Toll and Travis Sigler have been friends for over a decade. In November of 2017 the pair came up with the idea for a small leather mead business. Travis had been doing leatherwork for a few years at that point and the two of them began their first batch of mead in Tayler’s closet in the summer of 2017.

By 2018 Wyrd Leather And Mead opened it’s first location in Milwaukie, Oregon after many months of planning on how to get launched. The first year was a bit of a struggle to get the meadery launched, but in March they got their first commercial batch of semi-sweet traditional mead rolling.

In fall of 2019, Tayler Toll and Travis Sigler brought on Doug Wingate, who was a co-founder of the Mac Mead Hall and long time follower of Wyrd, to the team as a new business partner and together the three continued to build their brand while operating at their Milwaukie location.

In the early summer of 2020 during the height of a pandemic, the trio found a new perfect spot that would become the new headquarters for Wyrd Leatherworks and Meadery, which would incorporate a whole new feature to the business. For three months and with the help of amazing friends, they built-out their new location in Portland and this would include a new hall space where people could come drink their Mead by the glass and have small food items fitting their theme. The new location also includes a few other meaderies by that Wyrd is friends with, so as to increase the mead market and show support for other meaderies.