Building the Meadery at Wyrd Leather and Mead


There is no other shop quite like ours. We supply handcrafted leather goods ranging from your everyday belt or bracelet to specialty fantasy-themed pieces and leather armor, and the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our home-brew testing proves that once our mead is flowing, people will be singing its praises all across the land.

We need your help to take it to the next level! Will you heed the call?





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Click to support us on gofundme
Click to support us on gofundme

Hey guys,

We have launched this GoFundMe as a sort of stretch goal to help get our meadery finished up with the plumbing that has been many months in the work.

If you have been following us, you know that we had a successful Kickstarter in December and since then we have been proceeding to get the plumbing work done at our shop so we can finally brew.

All the Kickstarter items are being prepped for shipping and the shirts that were part of a few reward tiers are about to be ordered.

However, there was some minor setbacks with a first plumber that came out, but now we are on track with a new plumbing company.

Unfortunately this means we have to raise a little bit more to carry on with the process as we were set back.p

As much as we hate to ask for more, as so many people have supported us this far on our almost year and half journey to get this business up and running, we are hoping to continue without taking out any bank loans to do so.  

It’s an amazing accomplishment that our entire business has been built up from the support of friends far and wide and all over the globe. 

We are hoping that our Warriors of Wyrd will head the call once again to help us get past this lump. 

Any bit that you can throw our way to help expedite this plumbing process we are extremely grateful for.

Even T-shirt sales help this process.

Without all you guys, there’s no way we could have gotten this far!

We promise the mead and the wait will have been worth it!