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Commission Policy

So you are thinking about commissioning a piece? That’s awesome and thanks for considering us to create it for you! Obsidian Crow Leatherworks is the artist handle of Travis Sigler, who also co-owns Wyrd Leather and Mead with Tayler Toll. Usually larger and more complicated pieces are tackled by Travis, but if your item is on the smaller end and more simple it may be created by Tayler or someone else at the shop.

Starting rate:

The starting rate to order a custom piece is $22/hr for both physical labor (the leather work) and non physical work (research on the piece, drawing up designs, etc) as well as an upfront coverage of materials.

Materials must be paid for prior to starting.

Here is a general policy for how it works for us!

Step 1- Gather reference pictures:

If you are wanting a replicated piece (for cosplay etc) please start by gathering reference photos for us to use during the work process. Try and get a variety of angles that show off the piece in different lighting. This step helps cut back on the research time of the piece. If you are wanting something completely original, then please gather any photos that may help get your idea across to the artist. Please keep in mind we may not always be able to replicate the item 100% as seen in a movie or show, but we will do our best.

Step 2 – Send an email:

Usually we try and reply back within a few days but it could be a few weeks depending on what is currently happening at our shop! In the header of your email include your name, general item title, and the word

“Commission”. This will send it to our commissions folder in our email to reduce the chance of your email getting buried.

Step 3 – Materials:

After we chat with you about your piece and decide what the best course of action is, we begin collecting materials! Sometimes we have stuff in stock at our shop to use for your piece, but sometimes we have to go get materials from our supply store here in Portland. This will vary piece by piece. In the email conversation, we will also provide a few options (If possible) of different price range options as well.

Step 4 – Half Up Front:

We take custom commissions through Paypal Invoices only. Once we reach this stage we will send you a Paypal invoice to your email.

In order to secure your slot into our often busy commission list schedule, we ask that you provide at least half of the total build cost up front. This allows us to not only get you in the build queue, but also allows us to purchase the materials needed for your piece.

Step 5 – Payments:

Since we do our custom pieces through Paypal Invoices, we can on larger pieces offer a method to make payments on your piece. As artists we totally understand that some larger pieces may take a few paychecks to pay off in full. Let us know if you would like this option!

Pieces will not ship until invoice is paid in full.

Step 6 – Endgame:

Once the piece is completed and invoice paid we will send you some photos.

Usually we even send WIP (Work In Progress) photos along the way as well. Our number one goal is you being satisfied with your piece, so we like to keep you in the loop!

Once we get your final approval we will ship the item and provide you with a tracking number.

Thanks for choosing us!

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