Unexpected Podcast Coaster





Hullo friends! Welcome to an Unexpected Podcast: Talkin’ Tolkien.

Ezra and Lane have started a bookclub in the heart of the Shire of America (Amanda, Ohio) and want YOU to join the Fellowship as a fellow UPer as they weave their way through Middle-earth on this weekly re-read podcast.

Grab your copy, a highlighter and a cup of coffee and join the adventure. Read along and have your voice be heard as a part of our precious bookclub and remember… Frodo Lives.

An Unexpected Podcast has partnered with Wyrd Leather and Mead to provide listeners with these beautiful handmade leather coasters featuring UP’s logo.

An exclusive promo code will be provided within the podcast, so be sure to have your ears perked like a hawk, so Gimli would say, and take advantage of the secret code!

This secret code will also be instantly provided to Patreon backers of An Unexpected Podcast.

The road goes ever on….