PNW Viking Shirt


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Wyrd Leather and Mead’s “Pacific Northwest Viking” shirt is drawn by the amazing artist The Raven from the North, an artist from North Bohemia who specializes in Scandinavian style illustrations and is also tattoo apprentice with a passion for history and fantasy.

This shirt features a viking drinking mead with Mt. Hood in the background. The back of the shirt will say “Wyrd Leather and Mead” across the shoulders adorned with Odin’s ravens Huginn and Muninn.
It is a tribute to our origins as a business. It symbolizes our hometown Portland and our beloved Mt. Hood along with it’s beautiful forests that surround it. It is the true shirt for any Oregonian or lover of Pacific Northwest.
This shirt is manufactured by Shirt Nerdery, a local small business here in our town and is made of 100% Cotton. All shirt sizes are based on US sizes.