Our legend:

The Web of Wyrd, also known as the Skuld’s Net, was woven by the Nornir - the fates of Norse Legend. The symbol features nine staves bearing the Futhark runes, and represents the past, present, and future. It is because of this that we chose the term Wyrd to represent our business.

Co-owners Tayler Toll and Travis Sigler first met when they were twelve years old in Middle-school and carried on a lifelong friendship over the years. Being heavily influenced by fantasy and mythology from a young age, in the autumn of 2017 Travis came up with the idea of a unique shop that features the things both are passionate about in life.  The future is determined by our dedication and love for what we have going, and we don't plan to stop anytime soon as long as the worldwide support from our followers continues to flow into our small business. Our legend wouldn't exist without everyone who has supported us on this journey, and for that we are forever thankful for each and every person who has rallied with us. You are the Warriors of Wyrd.


Wyrd Leather and Mead is a small local business in the Portland area with a goal to provide quality, handmade leather goods and delicious, artisan mead to our customers with 100% satisfaction. Our shop supports many local artists and craftsmen as well, and we have many of their works on consignment at our shop. Think of us as Portland's unique, medieval, and nerdy corner of town where we are ready to supply any adventurer with goods for any quest.

Together with their combined skills, they bring a unique one-of-a-kind shop to Portland, Oregon.

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The Meadery:

Our Mead is brewed right here in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, and is made from Bee Local Honey, which has hives from all over Oregon's gorgeous valleys and forests. Tayler manages the Mead Department and under his watchful eye, ensures each bottle is ready for consumption. We support the Honey Bee Conservancy, which is why a portion of each bottle sale will be donated to Bee Conservation to help ensure the safety of America’s honey bees. We are always creating new flavors and we even take the public's consideration for future types of mead as well! Tayler completed the Mead 301 course at UC Davis in California in June 2019.

The fan favorite Warrior Bee design was created by local artist Mark Hansen. The design features a honey bee with a viking shield, which symbolizes are efforts to protect and defend our little warriors who keep our planet churning.


Our Leatherwork:

Under the brand name of Obsidian Crow Leatherworks, Travis is the head of the leather department and crafts for the shop. Our leather is made from high quality, veg-tanned leather, and crafted into the goods you see before you. Every piece is made by hand and crafted out of passion. Travis has been crafting leather goods for customers for years and always ensures customer satisfaction as a number one priority. Whether you are looking for some custom armor or a simple belt, it can be done!

See Travis' Online Leatherworking Portfolio by clicking here: